On May 7, 2006, a group of believers met at the primary school in Pleasant Hill, Missouri to have a worship service and discuss the possibility of starting a new church. The group was led by seven deacons that felt the Lord calling them to leave their current church.
After a business meeting, it was decided. We were all in one accord. We felt the Holy Spirit leading, and we were excited that we had heard a word from God. We had gone through a very difficult time in the proceeding months, but He said, “Come, follow Me.” And we obeyed.
On our second Sunday meeting when the invitation was given, 60 responded. 55 wanted to join the church on promise of a letter from another church, one on a statement of faith, and one through baptism, and 3 to decide later. It was very emotional and inspirational, and we knew without a doubt that the Lord was moving within us that day in that school gym.
Within a few weeks the Missions director from our local Baptist association, Nodell Dennis, came to serve as our interim pastor. He faithfully led our congregation as we moved into our first church building off Locust and Jeffreys St. in Pleasant Hill. He stayed with us until 2008 until we found a full-time pastor.
Todd MacLean served as our first full-time pastor and shepherded our flock for 12 years, teaching and preaching the word of God and the message of the Gospel to Big Creek and the community of Pleasant Hill. During his time with us, we moved into our current church building off Highway 7. Due to a contractor’s issue during construction, we were left with an unfinished building. The Lord who is our provider and knows our needs, brought our talented congregation together with the help from a few others and with hard work and the Lord’s help, together we finished the building that we are in today.


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